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Welcome to the AFK guild site!  AFK is a guild of close friends that have been gaming together for the past three years.  We're a mature but fun tight nit group that knows when to relax and when to be serious.

We are currently playing Rift as Defiant on the Faemist Shard.  We are planning on raiding as soon as we have enough active members at the level cap so feel free to join us and start leveling!

We are currently recruiting any members to come join us!

Currently we have open recruitment in Telara.  This is however a social invite and once we have enough players at the level cap anyone who would like to raid with us is welcome to put in a raid member application.  We do, naturally, have the right to remove anyone who joins if we feel they don't meet our expectations as a player. (i.e. they're immature, are selfish, etc)
Guild News

Congratulations to Kamehameha!

Rahdon, Mar 18, 11 12:27 AM.
A big time congratulations to Kamehameha for becoming the first level 50 character in the guild!  In addition to that he's also recieved a few server firsts for getting specific items!  Everyone give him a big 'Gratz!' when you see him in game for this accomplishment!

While we're on the topic of leveling everyone seems to be leveling fairly well and enjoying the game, it won't be long until we will have a full group of people at the level cap to run instances with!

Safe Travels,


AFK Starts invading Telara!

Rahdon, Mar 2, 11 10:34 AM.
AFK has chosen Faemist as the shard we will be playing on for Rift.  We are in game and have the guild up and running!  We'd love for you to come join us as we level up our toons and get prepared to Raid and participate in larger PvP events!  If you would like to join just send an in-game whisper to Aedrielle, Wyrmwood, Hiyono, Nio, or Klavicle and we can get you in the guild!
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